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Connie J. Russell

OSBA Certified Paralegal

Connie is a paralegal in the area of litigation and workers’ compensation at Morrow & Meyer LLC. Her responsibilities include assisting employers in the defense of workers’ compensation claims and other employment law matters.


Connie has a wealth of experience in workers’ compensation law and workers’ compensation programming for employers.  She is responsible for maintaining personal contact with the clients and their third-party administrators to assist in the daily management of their workers’ compensation claims. 


Connie has hands on experience with the defense of claims at the administrative level for both state-funded and self-insured employers, including permanent total disability claims, violation of specific safety requirement claims, and voluminous asbestos claims, as well as court appeals, mandamus actions, and appeals to the Supreme Court and intentional tort actions.  Connie is responsible for establishing, docketing and managing pertinent due dates; drafting pleadings, independent medical examination letters, violation of specific safety requirement answers; and preparing files for hearing and/or trial by using available resources such as electronic research, and medical records reviews.


The Canton native has over 30 years of experience as a paralegal, and holds the distinction of OSBA Certified Paralegal; she is a Notary Public for the State of Ohio, and is a member of the Stark County and the Ohio State Bar Associations. 

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